About Me

How do I fit this on ONE PAGE?!

I know. 10 Fun Facts.

  1. I have been a professional artist for over 25 years. That includes fine art, illustration, designing fantasy spaces, children’s interiors, puppets, sets, faux taxidermy, murals, visual displays, ornaments, and gifts, and writing creative blogs.

  2. I have moved across the country 3 TIMES! Twice with my husband of 21 years, Michael Mattesi, and once with our two daughters. So I’m a Jersey girl who likes gravy on her fries with a good kale salad.

  3. Halloween is the absolute best Holiday of the Year. Period! You know when you go into a neighborhood just before Halloween and there is “that” house…I’m “that house!”

  4. I just this year became a union carpenter at the age of 47. Yes, a FEMALE, MIDDLE AGED CARPENTER! And I am proud to have “man-hands.”

  5. I love good art that tells a story. Everyone has such interesting stories. I want to see them and hear them. So write me any time. ellen@ellenmattesi.com

  6. I have no intention of giving up coffee…ever!!!

  7. I collect dead composition dolls from the 1920’s. I know what you’re thinking… but just their bodies are dead, their souls are intact. If you ever come over for coffee, I’ll introduce you to them.

  8. I have made incredible friends in my life…and by friends I mean people I’ve actually sat down with in person and shared good conversation. It’s becoming a lost art that I’m considering adding to my resume as a skill.

  9. My bucket list is too large to fit in a bucket. I need a guest house for mine.

  10. If I had to describe myself in 3 words they would be capable, intuitive, and scrappy.

And for those of you who need some more serious information, please feel free to view my Resume:

Ellen Mattesi
87 Montford Avenue
Mill Valley, California 94941

Studio: 415-608-8426




2015-Present: EllenMattesi.com Licensing for Art, Illustration & Surface Design http://www.ellenmattesi.com/artistwork/

Illustrating and designing collections for the stationary, gift, textile and surface design markets, specializing in hand painting with gouache, watercolor, drawing, 3D building and line work.
Developing illustrations for the children’s book and coloring book markets.
Creating and Editing artwork digitally through Adobe Suite software for print and web specifications.
Executing and Conceiving client pitches & conceptual design visuals from rough sketches through final draft.
Designing and Fabricating Holiday ornament gift lines. http://www.ellenmattesi.com/artistwork/#/new-page/

Maintaining website photography, copy, layout and cross-promotional social media marketing. https://www.instagram.com/ellenmattesi/

 2011-Present: Individual  & Group Art Education/ Art Exhibit Curation For Mental Illness Awareness

2017 Curated a Gallery Art Exhibit & Fundraiser for people with “Borderline Personality Disorder” through “Emotions Matter” org. Fountainhouse Gallery, NYC. https://emotionsmatterbpd.org/2017-art-show-gallery/

2015-Present: Developed and instructed an original camp curriculum for kids (ages 6-14) specializing in “Faux Taxidermy” at the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts. Kids developed one-of-a-kind pieces of 3D sculpture using textiles, clay, wood, knowledge of power tools and hardware, paint and drawing. https://www.facebook.com/ellen.mattesi/media_set?set=a.10155876062512985.1073741832.617672984&type=3

 2012: Created and Taught an individualized weekly art class for young girls to nurture personal creativity and expression through experimentation with paint, photography, on location drawing, collage and 3D sculpture. http://juvenilehalldesign.com/kids-art-education-group/

2012-Present: Educated kids, teens and parents on the power of design and creativity through classes and public speaking. http://juvenilehalldesign.com/speaking-engagements/

2011: Launched an educational design blog specializing in artistic fantasy interiors and activities for the youth market. Responsibilities included creating original content, writing copy, photography, trademark and logo design; also, site and readership communication and maintenance. http://juvenilehalldesign.com

1995 – 2015: Juvenile Hall Design, Founder/Lead Designer http://juvenilehalldesign.com/portfolio/
Pioneered a full service design company, developing design concepts and artistic production of over 1,200 residential and commercial projects including interior environments, home décor, merchandising displays and 3D installations throughout New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Designed and fabricated original illustrations, holiday ornament line, custom fabric textiles, home décor accessories, bedding, furniture, theatre sets, props and puppets.
Recruited, Managed and Trained multiple creative and production teams averaging 15 simultaneously.

Fostered and supported the artistic specialties of over 50 highly skilled craftsman, illustrators, photographers and animators through establishing enthusiastic, collaborative and supportive work environments.

Organized & Hosted TV broadcasting segments, public speaking events, and artist skill and business education.
Developed the growth and respected following of the current DIY, art and design, and maker communities.
Developed inspirational and instructional visual style guides for the purpose of delegating independent contractor responsibilities to promote higher visual expectations and unique aesthetic results.

Established successful brand development and promotion through social media marketing,
Coordinated client pitches, scope, budgets, schedules for operations; permits, copyrights and trademarks.

Commercial Clients:

·       Pinterest Corporation, SF

·       Live Well Network

·       Children’s Hospital of NJ

·       Entertainment Art Academy,

·       Creation Station Dance Academy Franchises, LA

·       Hilton Hotels, NJ & NY

·       Theatre Tribe, LA (Ovation Award)

·       Mag-s Local Yogurt, CA

·       AltSF, SF

·       Studiolo Home Interiors, CA

·       The Goods, Home Décor, CA

·       AMC Movie Theaters

·       NJ Pandora’s Box Manhattan Club

·       The Baby Store of LA

·       Bellini Stores of NY & NJ
*Over 1200 Residential Clients: References available upon request.

2009 – 2011: Lou/d Films, Assistant Location Producer/ Preproduction/ Production Artist Assisted lead producer with scouting & acquiring aesthetic locations, coordination of technical equipment & permits. Executed costume design & construction, conceptual vehicle design, set decoration and field production. Clients included: Cartoon Network, National Geographic

2005–2007: Theatre Tribe of Los Angeles, Puppetry Designer & Lead Builder
Responsibilities included management of creative teams, concept design, styling, construction, mechanics, and costuming of Bunraku, hand and shadow puppets.
Design collaborator of theater set props including, painting, sourcing and building.
Productions Include “Cairo,” “Recent Tragic Events” and Ovation Award Winner “The Long Christmas Ride Home.”

 1992 – 1999: Editorial, Book & Background Illustrator.
Created Illustration for International magazines, illustrated books and background concepts for animation.

Clients Include:

·       Time Inc.

·       Fortune Magazine

·       Hasbro

·       Delaware Today

·       Incentive Magazine

The Nation
Art Directors Club of NY
Gallery Magazine
Atlantic City Magazine
Tennis Industry Magazine

Chicago Life
Successful Meetings
New Jersey Monthly
Inter-American Media Corp. Casting Magazine

1992 - 1997: Guinness Company, Local Market Manager of Promotional Events Managed & hosted more than 1,000 promotional entertainment events for New York, New Jersey & San Francisco venues.

1992 - 1997: Designer/Painter - Silk Screen and Garment Flats
Clients include: NYart, NY, NY. Young Stuff Apparel Group, NY, NY.

1990: Creative Director, “Breath Free” Futuristic Visionary Event, NYC
Produced and directed the award winning “Futuristic Visionary Event” including original fashion and mask designs, modeled at a public air pollution demonstration in NYC.



·       Marin IJ - 2017

·       SheKnows.com - 2013

·       Allparenting.com - 2013

·       Underblog.com - 2013

·       “Home with Lisa Quinn” -Live Well

Network, TV Design Segment - 2010

·       On air flight safety video, BBC

·       LA Times - 2007

·       Variety – 2007

·       Talucan Times- 2007

·       Daily News – 2007

·       Nite Lights – 2007

·       LA Weekly – 2007

·       LA City Beat – 2007

·       Backstage West –

·       Curtain Up

·       The Pink Sheet



·       Martha Stewart American Maker Nominee,

·       Creative ensemble of “Ovation Award”

·       High Achievement Award, Whitney Museum Curator, Art Center Gallery, New York

·       Winner, curator of SVA Gallery Competition, New York

·       Show Award Winner, Illustration Market Place, Graphic Artists Guild, New York

·       Winner, Ultimate Short Story Competition, Art Directors Club Gallery, New York

·       Winner, “Portfolio 14” competition, Art Director’s Club Gallery, New York

·       Futuristic Visionary event Winner, NYC

·       Two President’s Scholarships, School of Visual Arts, NY

·       Winner, Competition of Washington Square Park’s Earth Day Demonstration, NY


Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, Sketch Up, Power Point, Squarespace 6, Garage Band, imovie,
Active memberships: SF Mompreneurs, Makeshift Society, Bay Area Bloggers, MATS, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts

Social Media Presence: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Flickr.
School Of Visual Arts, BFA 1993, Post Graduate Education 1993-1996
Focus in Illustration, Graphic Design, Art History, Puppetry & Theater Set Design, 2005 – 2007